Wedding Ceremony Rituals

Wedding Ceremony Rituals

Currently there are already many couples who choose to perform one of these Wedding Ceremony Rituals.

These rituals, which originate from very different parts of the world, all have something in common: publicly communicate that from that moment on there is something very special between two people, and that they are somehow willing to give and share the best of Yeah.

There are innumerable types of rituals or ceremonies. Each one is oriented to express different feelings and to indicate what their marriage is for that couple and what they are about to celebrate.

To consider

Regardless of what you read in this post or the rest of the pages on the Internet, Instagram, etc…

The most important thing is that you like it and feel identified with the ritual you are doing, beyond labels, protocols and others 🙂

There are more romantic couples who opt for a type of ritual such as the ritual of the rose or the ritual of the union of hands or hand-fasting ceremony as it is known in English that I quote below.

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