About me

Since 1999 I’ve worked as a master of ceremonies and wedding officiant performing all kinds of ceremonies, protocol weddings, entertaining and familiar weddings, fun, themed weddings….

I think this is a vocational work because you are in the happiest moments and  real feelings of the people. Sharing your illusion is my goal.

It is true that as an actor since 1988 I’ve performed all kinds of roles in movies, television, series, etc … but none of them involve you as much as the master of ceremonies because you get to be excited with the bride and groom, the guests and the moment .

The success as a wedding officiant is perhaps due to the experience of talking with many different couples, most of them national and international, and over time guessing the type of ceremony that the bride and groom want through sharing their history.

Following the comments we received from couples about the ideas we have talked and they have been put into practice, I decided to write a book (in Spanish) that helps all couples who are planning to get married.

Furthermore, those who purchase this book, entitled The Holy Grail Of Your Wedding, are not only discovering a totally different point of view about their wedding, but they are collaborating to help many children with the rare disease «Glut 1 deficiency«.

While it is true that even at themed weddings I have already been disguised as Dark Vader, The Lord of the Rings, Roman Emperor and I do not know how many more things to perform the ceremony of their dreams, I am sure that yours will be totally different and personal.

If no two couples are the same way, why should two weddings be same? 😉