LGBTQ+ Weddings

If you want to live a great experience in Sitges perhaps you have found it for LGBTQ+ Weddings !

Furthermore, Sitges is a great place for your wedding for its wonderful environment.

You can to get married with your partner, your friend o whoever you want because we can to do from a romantic wedding to a fun crazy wedding.

We want you have an unique and fabulous day with your partner, romantic ceremony with your vows, photoshoot on the beach around Sitges with a professional photographer, special lunch or dinner, crazy party and stay in one of the most luxury hotel in Sitges…. all for your perfect LGBTQ+ Weddings

Or with your new friend (s) in Sitges with a funny crazy ceremony with Elvis Presley, Tom Jones, white Ibiza celebrant… or your fantastic idol 😉

Our objective is to make your own, private (or not), special wedding front of the sea.

Place for the ceremony, flowers, costumes and dresses, photographers, restaurants and magic places for lunch or dinner, party for you, luxury hotels… A unique spectacular day for remembering along your life.

Let me know what are your desires, your dreams, your illusion about this day and let me help you to make it real.

Have you though in some wedding ceremony rituals?

You can see in this web some couples that they have done their dreams as a reality 🙂

This photo is made by <a href=»»>Marga Martí</a>